In 1987, John J. Morgan and I founded Morgan White Group which primarily focused on payroll deduction of supplemental insurance products. Today, MWG has grown into a holding company made up of eleven wholly owned subsidiaries.

Our success has been achieved by delivering insurance products to the marketplace that cannot be found anywhere else. Our company's guiding principal has been to find a market that is either under served or not served at all and design a product to fit that market.

Whether you are an employer trying to find a way to reduce the cost of your major medical plan or perhaps you're an insurance broker looking for an outstanding product to sell. Morgan White Group offers cutting edge products that are good for your clients.

We have been blessed with success and growth over the past twenty years. In my opinion, our success comes from the fact that the Lord has sent us the best people to work for and work with. We are eternally grateful to Him.

At Morgan White Group, we look forward to the challenge of solving customers' medical, dental and vision insurance needs today, and in the future. We are committed to making the investment in technology, equipment, and personnel to provide our customers with the latest, most up-to-date tools available, to solve their insurance needs.

After 25 years, our mission remains unchanged. At Morgan White Group it is our commitment to provide our customers, brokers, and insurance carriers with innovative insurance products and creative ideas backed by superior personal service and cutting edge technology, which together allow us to provide valuable and affordable healthcare solutions for everyone. We will strive to maintain a peaceful and comfortable working environment, above-average wages, and an excellent benefit package for our employees.

Honesty, integrity, cheerfulness, and politeness will form the basis of our dealings with our clients, brokers, carriers, and our staff. Our commitment to this mission is long-term and will not be changed unless it can be improved.

As I look forward to the future, my excitement grows because the opportunities to help employers and senior citizens seem more substantial today than ever before. At Morgan White Group, we want to grow our family of brokers and insured by providing the best service and products in markets where others have not been successful.

– David R. White, RHU, Chief Executive Officer